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Elevate your Being

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Hello there beautiful being!

Amid the hustle and bustle of modern life lies a sanctuary for mindful embodied living and spiritual exploration. At Urban Monks we combine ancient wisdom with modernity and offer you a path to inner calm, spiritual growth and heart-based living.  Discover inspiring Qigong classes, retreats, events courses and therapeutic depth work that strengthen your quest for personal growth and spiritual evolution. Transform your daily life into a sacred journey towards a more balanced, conscious and fulfilling way of being. Elevate your Being!

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Urban Monks Qigong training

Work on your Mind and Body balance with Qigong training

Discover the ancient magical world of Qigong. Get out of your head, return to your body and learn to live from your heart, in the present moment. Strengthen your vitality and achieve a deep connection with the wisdom of the body. Expert teachers provide live and online training every week. Together with like-minded people you will find connection and spiritual depth.

Transformative  Retreats

Escape the chaos and rediscover yourself during our transformative Qigong retreats. Find connection, spiritual deepening and personal growth and experience the ancient Art of Qigong in the middle of nature. Relax, recharge and find wonder, insights and inspiration.  Reserve your spot today for a life changing experience!

Urban Monks retreat Azores

Inspiring Events

Throughout the year you can find depth during inspiring events and courses for mind, body and spirit. Discover a wide range of experiences, from challenging Taiji Quan courses to Qigong workshops and intensives, created to enrich your journey of self-discovery and spiritual evolution. Dive into our upcoming events and register!

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Profound        therapeutic work

Heal from your inner wounds and find your way back to self-compassion and authenticity. Together we map out a tailor-made program and set out to work on your healing and wholeness in an integrative manner. 

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Team of Experts

Together, our team forms an inexhaustible source of knowledge and experience, love and wisdom. The team consists of teachers, facilitators, therapists, spaceholders and coaches and is fully at the service of your development process. The team works in an integrative, body-oriented and trauma-sensitive manner. Based on attention and increased intuition, they support you in a compassionate and inspiring way in your healing or psychospiritual growth. Completely trusting your own inner wisdom and the wisdom of nature .


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