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Therapeutic Sessions 

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Our therapy work

Profound and transformative 


Somatic psychotherapy

Our approach integrates psychotherapy with the wisdom of the body, allowing you to explore and address emotional challenges through a somatic lens. In a safe, serene space we work in an mindfulness-based and trauma-informed manner with techniques that use the innate intelligence of your body. We work to uncover and release emotional blockages while promoting a deeper understanding of yourself.  Book a session and embark on a transformative path to inner harmony and resilience.


Mindfulness based training

Learn  to navigate life's challenges with greater clarity and resilience. Learn valuable techniques that cultivate attention, awareness, and emotional regulation, allowing you to respond to life's demands with calmness and insight. Whether you are looking for stress reduction, improved focus or simply an increased sense of well-being, our approach provides an effective method for personal growth and development. Join us on this path towards the fullness of your life and start your mindfulness  journey today.


Plant-medicine assisted therapy

Psilocybin mushrooms or truffles help us to travel through the deeper layers of our consciousness to find healing and a completely new  perspective on ourselves and life. The journey is a powerful transformative experience. This form of therapy can help with various complaints such as depression, anxiety, addiction problems, psychotrauma, grief, unresolved emotional pain and repressed emotions. They can also help with your spiritual growth and your orientation towards purpose and meaning.




Life is fundamentally a psychospiritual process and is about the path towards authenticity, meaning and purpose. This is an extremely personal process. From a mindfulness-based approach,  we pay attention to existential questions and work on your spiritual evolution process. This  is a process of returning to yourself and being able to   follow the heart again as a    clear inner compass. It is a process of rediscovering ourselves and  what we         came here to do. 

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Private: individuals 75 euros per hour incl. VAT. (consultation max 90 min)

Business: 75 euros excl. VAT

Plant-medicine assisted psychotherapy:

Individually 350 euros incl. VAT

2 persons: 600 euros incl. VAT

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