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About us


Urban Monks is a sacred space where expertise, many years of experience, craftsmanship and passion for psycho-spiritual work, embodiment and personal growth come together to support you on your path of development.

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Qigong | Meditation | Mindfulness | Somatic psychotherapy | Plant medicine assisted

therapy | Psychospiritual counseling | Retreat guidance

Jerome Lesquillier

Enquiring, versatile, intuitive and insightful.  With a keen eye for the interplay between mind and body. Always seeking ways to help others to rise above their limitations.


Spiritual Ecology | Circles & Ceremonies Retreat organization | Soul cooking services Nature Guide | Embodiment teaching

Marta Anula Diniz Fragoso

Keeper of mother nature, passionately raising awareness in spiritual ecology. Guiding others towards a more ecocentric way of existing. From seedlings to nourishment for the soul.


Qigong | Taiji Quan | Meditation | Sports psychology | Peak performance | Retreat guidance | Traditional Taoist medicine


Ramón Stol

Bodymind expert with attention to the natural flow of things. Multidisciplinary equipped with knowledge and skills that support the health and healing of body and mind.


Spaceholding | Facilitator 


Unice Merlin Jankoeso

Clairsentient and fully mastering the art of space holding. A compassionate and loving guide to others in their transformative and  healing processes.


At it's core,
everything is 

Our mission

At Urban Monks, our mission is to support people, despite the demands of modern life,  to live conscious, mindful embodied lives based on authenticity, humanity and holistic well-being.   We strive to combine ancient wisdom with modern insights and transfer knowledge and skills in our guidance for personal growth, self-discovery and holistic living.


The Urban Monk is not a person but a state of being where one can fully meet the demands of modern life while living consciously and mindful with an open, compassionate heart. Embodiment creates a foundation for promoting compassion both towards yourself and others, by cultivating a deeper understanding, empathy and connection to the human experience, which leads to a more compassionate view of life. Self-knowledge and the cultivation of mindfulness contribute to adopting a conscious attitude towards the world in which we live. We offer various approaches and approaches in the areas of self-knowledge, awareness and embodiment. Every curious mind and sincere seeker is welcome to explore the components of self-knowledge, attention and embodiment in freedom.


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