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Qigong retreat

Life changing  experiences

Several times a year you can join profound multi-day

retreats at home and abroad.  Go with a group of like-minded people and a pure connection  towards the unexpected. Push your boundaries and let new insights unfold to you from complete openness and surrender.

Central to our retreats is a deep connection with each other and with the natural environment. Through Qigong, Yoga, embodiment exercises, ceremonies and during meditations we fully attune ourselves to the elements and energies of nature so that the mind is completely still and you can experience a deep sense of beingness.

Every retreat people gain profound insights. Often, intense healing occurs naturally, so does a process of transformation.


A culture of love and care

A loving environment, safety and guidance from the heart are paramount. You will travel under the guidance of experienced facilitators who create a warm, safe and supportive environment. Our team has years of experience in Qigong, meditation, healing, bodywork, psychotherapeutic work and spiritual guidance. They have been guiding retreats at home and abroad for years.

Geo-thermic Furnas

Upcoming Retreats

Sacred Circle Retreat Portugal   
January 2025

More info coming soon

High on Life Retreat Azores 
May 4 to 11 2025 

More info coming soon
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