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The Art of Qigong

The Ancient Art of Qiong

Discover the ancient art of Qigong and achieve balance of mind, body and soul. Qigong, which emerged from China thousands of years ago, is a movement art in which soft movements, breathing, mindfulness and meditation come together. The goal is to become more aware of who we are, to live more from the heart and to cultivate vitality and inner harmony. Whether you are seeking better health, mental clarity or a deep connection with yourself, Qigong offers a fundamental path to self-discovery, compassion and holistic well-being. Join us to discover the ancient wisdom of Qigong and embark on a journey to greater vitality and inner calm.

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Green Tara Bodhisattva

The advantages

Improved body awareness

The more aware you are of the body, the more you learn to live in the present moment.

Improved Flexibility and Balance

Suppleness, flexibility and balance, which contributes to better posture and mobility, are promoted

Strengthening the Immune System

Various parts of the immune system are stimulated, improving overall health.

Stress reduction and relaxation

By bringing together movement, breathing and attention, calmness occurs in both the mind and body.

Improved Circulation

This reduces tension, improves metabolism and promotes healthy blood circulation.

Improve breathing

You can train optimal functional breathing through many breathing techniques.

Strengthens self-healing capacity

Life energy is strengthened, stress levels are reduced and the body recovers faster.

More empathic ability

Self-awareness leads to compassion and empathy. Your connection with others deepens.

Increased Mental Focus

Mental focus and clarity is improved. Attention and awareness are strengthened.


Emotional Balance

Manage stress and encourage  emotional balance, which

you are more calm and equanimous.

Deeper Sleep and Rest

An increased sleep quality and a more restful sleep is achieved. This will help you recover better.

Connection with yourself

By being more aware of head, breath and body, you create a deeper connection with yourself.

Strengthened intuition

You broaden the bandwidth of your awareness, allowing you to perceive increasingly sharply and subtly.

Integrated Mind and Body

The connection between head and body is strengthened, so that all parts work better together as a whole.

Ancient Taoist Map

Weekly profound classes

Twice a week you can work on your mindful embodiment, Qi cultivation process and your spiritual growth under the guidance of experienced teachers. Classes take place in the Urban Monks Studio. Meditation materials are provided.

Class times

Wednesday evening 7.30 - 9.00 p.m. ( 90 mins )

Saturday morning 09.00 - 10.30 a.m ( 90 min )


120 euros per quarter for unlimited lessons. You can take classes live in the studio or online via Zoom. As a member you also get access to the class recordings.

Every quarter you will receive a payment link by WhatsApp. 

The Body, is a Portal to Presence

Qigong is rooted in the cultivation of Qi, the development of embodiment and the cultivation of mind clarity. During practice we focus on physical postures, fluid movements and coordinated breathing, connecting the intention of the mind with the actions of the body. This emphasis on conscious movement and breath awareness helps us develop a deep connection with the body. By attuning to the subtle sensations, energy flow and alignment of the body, Qigong facilitates an embodied experience, promoting a deeper understanding and connection with the physical self.

Qigong is naturally focused on the present. Attention becomes naturally anchored in the present moment by synchronising movement with breathing and by concentrating on physical experiences. Through consistent practice, individuals can experience a sense of harmony, alignment, and a deeper connection with their authentic self. The holistic integration of movement, breathing and attention in Qigong promotes a sense of inner calm, balance and vitality. This attunement to one's internal rhythm and the flow of Qi encourages a deep sense of Being, a state in which one experiences a deeper connection with one's true nature and the essence of life.

Qigong is not something you do. It's a way of life. The more you can translate your practice into daily life. The more Qigong it  will encompass your entire life.

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